The Womens' Campaign

What is the Women's Campaign?

The Women’s Campaign supports and represents all women (including those who self-define as women) and non-binary students at Cambridge. We work to eliminate all forms of discrimination faced by women in the University, at an institutional, social and cultural level.

We are made up of women and non-binary people from different ethnic, religious and class backgrounds, trans women, queer, bisexual and lesbian women, disabled women and women who are student parents.

The work of the campaign is co-ordinated by the full-time CUSU Women's Officer, Lola Olufemi and supported by JCR and MCR women's officers in the colleges. We are the main representative body for women in the University, as well as an autonomous campaigning body which provides a wide variety of services, resources and events for women in Cambridge.

The Women's Campaign Exec is made up of women and non-binary students who want to coordinate campaigns to tackle gender inequality.The committee is elected in Easter term each year by the entirety of the Women's Campaign.

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Current Exec Composition

The Women’s Campaign Exec

  • CUSU Women’s Sabbatical Officer (Lola Olufemi)
  • Grad Women's Rep (Talitha Kearey and Jenny Harris)
  • International Women's Rep (Vera Chapiro Bernal)
  • Media and Outreach Officer (Jessica Wing and Becca Moore)
  • Secretary (Martha Rose Saunders)
  • Zine Officer (Amy Clark)

Campaign Managers

  • Sexual Harassment Policy (Roberta Huldisch and Martha Perotto-Wills)
  • Faith and Feminism (Suhaiymha Manzoor-Khan)
  • Women in Academia (Beth Smith and Jasmine Hackett)

Liberation Reps

  • BME Rep (Lola Olufemi)
  • LGBT+ Rep (Em Travis)
  • Trans Rep (Rowland Goodbody)
  • Disabled Students' Rep



Registered Charity Number: 288365