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Due to relocation please contact the CUSU Coodinator at for more information about accessing the library.

Here at the Harry Harris LGBT+ library, our aim is to provide access to material you’d otherwise struggle to get hold of: whether it’s academic studies or autobiographies or hard-to-find music or novels and films that feature people like you – we’re working on building up a collection that includes them. Undergrad? Postgrad? Nothing to do with this university or any other? We still want you.

If you want to know what you’re getting into, you can have a look through the most recent version of the catalogue – this is generally updated more frequently than the hard copy placed with the collection. The catalogue also contains a list of online resources, and instructions on how to borrow (the summary: the only person who’ll see your name is Frances, the current librarian, and your contact details will be deleted as soon as you return the items borrowed).

We’re named after Harry Harris, trans* rep during most of 2011. He was a neurobiologist and an award-winning poet, and he was absolutely dedicated to helping people find a sense of community and their own words. He was instrumental in encouraging us to put this collection together, and we’re sorry he isn’t here to see it.

Report into Trans and Intersex Sports Provision in Cambridge University

In April 2013 Sarah Gibson, one of the Trans* representatives on the CUSU LGBT+ exec, published this report into the experiences of Trans* and Intersex individuals with sports provisions in Cambridge University. Drawing upon detailed research into the history of Trans* individuals and their achievements in sport at the University as well as from a survey conducted during March and April of 2013, the report provides a concise background into the problems experienced by Trans* individuals in Cambridge. The report then suggests potential areas for change as well as providing a 7-point action plan of what CUSU LGBT+ suggests the University should do to improve the provisions for Trans* individuals wanting to take full advantage of the sporting opportunities on offer in Cambridge.

Report in Transgender and Intersex sports provision in the University of Cambridge

Including Transgender Students at the University of Cambridge

This guidance has been produced as part of work CUSU LGBT+ has done to help colleges, and other parts of the university, to support trans* students. The purpose of the guidance is to provide a brief introduction to trans* people, information on the major issues trans* students face at the university, a simple guide to managing student’s transitions and answers to the most commonly asked questions. The guidance is designed to be useful to anyone who interacts with trans* students, from policy makers to supervisors.  Any questions should be directed to the CUSU LGBT+ trans* rep. Produced by Sarah Gibson for CUSU LGBT+ 13/11/13.

Including transgender Students at Cambridge University


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