The CUSU LGBT+ Committee are elected on a yearly basis, and have specific responsibilities. For more information about the duties of each post can be found on the campaign website

  • Brendan Mahon, President:
  • Jack Renshaw, Chair:
  • Em Travis, Campaigns:
  • Aturo Abruzzini and David Lowis, Events Officers:
  • Ashley Chhibber, Communications Officer:
  • Anne Schulz, Finance Officer:
  • Tom Meadows, Reps Coordinator:
  • Amardeep Chawla, Computing Rep:
  • Debbie Aitken and Tam Blaxter, Grad Reps:
  • Ailsa McDougall, Women's Rep:
  • Aimee Summers, A-Sexual Rep:
  • Corey Gilmore-Togher, Bi Rep:
  • Robin Cumming, Trans Rep:
  • Mumdood Passa, Black and Minority Ethnic Rep:
  • Hesham Mashhour, Get Real Editor,


Registered Charity Number: 288365