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The LGBT+ Campaign

What is the LGBT+ Campaign?

CUSU LGBT+ is the Cambridge University Students’ Union Campaign for LGBT+ students at Cambridge. We seek to represent and support all students who self identify as LGBT+ (or other, similar identities).

We run regular social events ranging from a club night Kaleidoscope at Kuda (Life) on a Tuesday to coffee meetings every Saturday. We also arrange talks and speaker events.

CUSU LGBT+ is sponsored by BCG.

You can find our constitution here

For more information check out our website at:

You can also join our facebook group or follow us on twitter 

Current Exec Composition

Chair Simon Percelay
Events Officer Will Edwards
Campaigns Officer vacant position
Welfare Officer Sophia Andrews
Finance Officer Adrienn Jenei
Communicaitons and Library Officer Jess Sharpe
Magazine Editors Emma Simkin and Michael Davin
Asexuality and Aromanticism Rep Aled Powell
Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Rep - Tochi Onuora
Women's Rep Cait Findlay
Disabilities Rep Emrys Travis
Bi Rep Amber Reeves Pigott
Trans Rep Rebecca Hickman
Grad Reps Jonathan Birtwell and Pedro Vianez
Computing Officer Jay Woods


Registered Charity Number: 288365