The LGBT+ Campaign

What is the LGBT+ Campaign?

CUSU LGBT+ is the Cambridge University Students’ Union Campaign for LGBT+ students at Cambridge. We seek to represent and support all students who self identify as LGBT+ (or other, similar identities).

We run regular social events ranging from a club night Kaleidoscope at Kuda (Life) on a Tuesday to coffee meetings every Saturday. We also arrange talks and speaker events.

CUSU LGBT+ is sponsored by BCG.

You can find our constitution here

For more information check out our website at:

You can also join our facebook group or follow us on twitter 

Current Exec Composition

  • President - Tom Ashford
  • Chair - James Forge
  • Campaigns Officer - Aithghen Huskinson
  • Welfare Officer - Devarshi Lodhia
  • Socials and Ents Officers - Miranda Imperial, Henrietta Blohm, Johnathan Doyle, Siyang Wei, Sarah Christie, Jay Woods
  • Finance Officer - Adrienn Jenei
  • Reps Coordinator - Dom Wheeler
  • Computing Officer - position unoccupied
  • Grad Rep - Thomas O'Connor
  • Women's Rep - Ruby Kwong
  • Asexual Rep - Simon P
  • Bi Rep - Amber Reeves Pigott
  • Trans Rep - Ali Hyde
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Rep - Hakan Sandal
  • Disabilities Rep - Danielle Bradford
  • Get Real Editor - Emma Lenton, Michael Davin
  • Library Officer - position unoccupied


Registered Charity Number: 288365