The Disabled Student's Campaign

What is the Disabled Student's Campaign?

The DSC was founded in Lent 2010 uniting and representing disabled students throughout the university and aiming to fight inaccessibility for all disabled students. After a fizzle and long break the campaign returned in Lent 2015 determined to tackle some big issues.

The campaign is run primarily through our Open Meetings where we take decisions that shape the campaign. The campaign is lead by the Executive who are elected at quorate open meetings. The exec meet regularly to run the campaign reflecting the decisions taken in the open meetings. 

The exec is made up of officers and representatives. Officers are in charge of a particular area of the campaign and making sure everything runs smoothly. Representatives are there to represent students and to support officers in their work. Any student who self-defines as disabled is able to stand for executive positions. Students may hold an officer and representative role simultaneously. We acknowledge that all officers are part time and face some form of disablement. No one will be expected to do more than they are able as long as communication is maintained. Getting things done is important but is secondary to the well-being of exec members. 

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Current Exec Composition

Campaign Exec

  • Disabled Students' Officers (Robert Corbyn-Smith and Jessica Wing)
  • Academic Affairs Officer (Esther Leighton)
  • Secretary (Richard Birkett aided by Sarra Facey)
  • Computing Officer (Richard Birkett)
  • Access Officer (Vacant)
  • Socials Officer (Vacant)
  • Equality and Diversity Officer (Vacant)


  • Invisible Impairments Representative
  • Multiple Impairments Representative
  • Visible Impairments Representative
  • Mental Health Representative



Registered Charity Number: 288365