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What can your rep do for you?

Student Academic Representatives are elected to ensure that you and other students in your course have the best possible educational experience. Approach your reps with any academic issues which you believe affect you and other students around you. You may want to contact your StARs if:

  • There are problems with organisation or supervision in your course
  • Some of your teaching is inaccessible to you
  • The facilities in your department don’t meet requirements
  • You or other students are being discriminated against

If you are having personal difficulties or need advice on things like intermission, mental health or complications with a supervisor, please contact the Students’ Unions’ Advice Service team, who are better equipped to help you.


Which rep?

Due to Cambridge’s multi-layered structure, you will almost certainly have a few different StARs representing you at the same time.

Broadly, you would contact year or course reps with problems specific to your course, e.g. if the teaching quality in a specific lecture series doesn’t meet expectations. Faculty reps will be able to help with wider issues that affect students across your discipline. Schools reps deal with issues on an even larger scale, for example ones that affect all medical students or all students within the arts and humanities. There are usually both undergraduate and graduate representatives where applicable.

If you’re not sure who to contact with a particular issue, you can get in touch with your course rep, or Roberta, the Education Officer at CUSU, who will be able to point you in the right direction.


List of reps

This will be updated after the Michaelmas elections.


Not sure where your course fits in?

You can find a complete list of Schools and their constituent Faculties and Departments here:



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