Become a Rep

Have you ever wanted to change anything about your course, or do you love it and want other students to get the most out of it too? Being a Student Academic Representative puts you in the perfect position to make those changes. The University really values student feedback and if you are dedicated and keen you can make a real lasting difference.

As a Student Rep you will be able to feed into, and shape your curriculum. By gathering the views of those on your course, and representing them back to the University, you’ll have a real say in how yours and fellow students studies are delivered. You will support students and help to remove barriers to make sure all students can get the best possible education at Cambridge.

CUSU provides support, training and events for Reps throughout the year, where you’ll develop a huge range of valuable skills and get to meet other reps from across the University.

If all that doesn’t convince you, being a Student Academic Rep also looks great on your CV, and gives you a vote at CUSU Council.


Elections 2016

Most Faculty and Departmental elections are taking place on 27nd October or 24th November 2016. Nomination forms will be available from your Faculty or Course Administrator who will get in touch with more information - make sure to check your emails! Voting varies per Faculty, but will either take place in class, online, or via paper ballot.

Elections for School Representatives will be held centrally across 23th-24th November. 

If you are interested in running and would like more information, or you have not heard about elections from your Course Administrator (or similar), please get in touch with Roberta, the CUSU Education Officer, at


Levels of representation – Which role is right for you?

There are different types of Reps throughout the University:

Faculty Reps – Faculty reps sit on Faculty Board meetings and convey the student voice on the committee. Faculty Board is the highest level of discussions in a Faculty and often has various subcommittees. Usually, there is at the very least one undergraduate rep and one postgraduate rep on each Faculty Board.

Run if: You want to be able to really shape your course, your curriculum and the way that you are taught while being in a constant dialogue with students, listening to their concerns and keeping them up to date

School Reps – School Reps sit on the Council of their School, which is responsible for the financial and strategic leadership of the particular School (Technology, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Physical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Arts and Humanities). Most of the Schools also have an Undergraduate Education Committee or equivalent, and a Graduate Committee, to which the UG and PG reps may be invited.

Run if: You want to be part of larger decision making processes at the highest levels of the University; you’re interested in big and long-term change, even if it takes a while to take effect

Other types of Reps – Depending on your faculty, there might be separate reps for your department or year, who sit on Student-Staff Joint Committees, Student-Staff Consultative Forums, Learning and Teaching Committees or other bodies like Degree or Access Committees.

Run if: You’re interested in a particular aspect of how your faculty is run; you like working with students and University staff in a more direct and informal way; you want to make the small but crucial changes that students need, and see their impact directly

CUSU Education Officer - A full-time representative elected by the entire student body in Lent Term, the CUSU Education Officer sits on the General Board and its Education Subcommittee where many decisions from throughout the committee structure are consolidated.



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