Daisy Eyre



What and where did you study?

I studied Sociology at Jesus College

Why did you run for CUSU office?

I had been the President of my JCR and really loved that, but I really never thought I would run for CUSU until a month or so before the elections. I suddenly realised that working for CUSU would give me a chance to make change on some of the issues at Cambridge I had become passionate about over my years here.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you first arrived?

This is such a hard one because there is so much!

First of all, I wish someone had told me that you're not expected to make your "Best Friends For Life" in freshers' week. In fact, I found freshers' week quite scary and not at all representative of my time at Cambridge, when I made such lovely friends. Freshers' Week was much better as a second year!

Secondly I wish I'd learnt earlier that doing the reading is way more important than writing the essay. Each individual deadline feels like a big deal but in the grand scheme of things no single essay actually matters (don't tell your DoS I said that!)

What’s your favourite place in Cambridge?

Jesus Green Lido, the longest outdoor pool in England (!) and ideal for a relaxing exam term swim.

What’s your top priority this year?

There are quite a few issues I want to look at over the year, but in order to be successful in tackling anything, my top priority has to be engaging students.

In order for students to have faith in CUSU, they need to see that we are fighting for them on the issues that matter to them. It will be my top priority to be visible and open, and also to shout about the work that CUSU is doing, so students really know what is going on with their union!





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