Martha Krish 

Education Officer


What and where did you study?

Politics and Anthropology (HSPS) at Robinson

Why did you run for CUSU office?

I ran to be Education Officer because everyone's experience of their work and teaching shapes their entire time at Cambridge. This means that education is a welfare issue for all students as well as being important in its own right. I want to help ensure that everyone's experience of academia here can be accessible, diverse, informative, exciting and compatible with living a balanced and happy life!

What is one thing you wish you had known when you first arrived?

It's okay not to do all of your work. Most supervisors will be able to see that you're only human, it's just important to communicate with them!

What’s your favourite place in Cambridge?

Any of the green spaces in the summer with drinks and friends.

What’s your top priority this year?

Strengthening the Faculty Rep system. It may not sound especially glamorous but I believe that if we have an enthusiastic group of well-supported reps, so much good work can be done in improving the diversity and accessibility of academia at Cambridge.

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Registered Charity Number: 288365