What and where did you study?

Politics and Anthropology (HSPS) at Robinson

Why did you run for CUSU office?

I ran to be Education Officer because everyone's experience of their work and teaching shapes their entire time at Cambridge. This means that education is a welfare issue for all students as well as being important in its own right. I want to help ensure that everyone's experience of academia here can be accessible, diverse, informative, exciting and compatible with living a balanced and happy life!

What’s your top priority this year?

Strengthening the Faculty Rep system. It may not sound especially glamorous but I believe that if we have an enthusiastic group of well-supported reps, so much good work can be done in improving the diversity and accessibility of academia at Cambridge.

     Contacting Martha

     Email      education@cusu.cam.ac.uk
     Facebook      Martha Cusu
     Twitter      @CUSUEducation



Registered Charity Number: 288365