Éireann Attridge

Access & Funding Officer


What and where did you study?

Hi I’m Éireann and I studied Education and English at Homerton College.

Why did you run for CUSU office?

I come from an ‘Access’ or widening participation background- so it wasn’t really normal for people like me to go onto study at places like Cambridge. I was lucky enough to benefit from a lot of access schemes whilst at sixth form- so I knew what Access was and I knew it was something I could get involved in as a student. Fast forward to uni and I became a JCR access officer, a CAMbassador and I got to help the access schemes that once helped me. I guess I wanted to do access work full time and hold greater influence within that field so ran for CUSU.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you first arrived?

I believed in every Cambridge stereotype possible. I thought that when I got here I’d have to change the way I talk and the way I dress (but here I am still wearing trainers – even to May balls). I guess I wish I knew that I’d be fine being myself and even if there were people who fit certain stereotypes- they aren’t all that bad and even if they are it’s up to me who I hang out with.

What’s your favourite place in Cambridge?

I have no idea- all of Cambridge is lovely. I guess anywhere where I can cycle (so yeah all of Cambridge) or the bus way by the station where one of my best friends and I would try and skateboard away from deadlines.

What’s your top priority this year?

This year, as well as continuing the great access initiatives aimed at prospective students (see Alternative prospectus applytocambridge.com and #Cambtweet link https://twitter.com/cambtweetcusu) I really want to focus on continuing access once students get in to Cambridge. This is still being discussed with regards to how it will be run (e.g. a discussion group) but once I know what kind of space students want I’ll try my best to put it in place.

Contact me...

access@cusu.cam.ac.uk - or drop into the CUSU office!

Find out more information about Access here.

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