Faculty Representatives play an important role in student representation at Cambridge. The Faculty Reps network encompasses all student reps within Faculties,  Departments, courses and Schools, undergrad and postgrad. Student reps are elected  to amplify the voice of students and to represent students’ views to the University.  

To ensure that the University takes student needs and concerns into account in all its decision making processes, Reps sit on a range of committees at all levels of the University - from the Council of the Schools, to Faculty Boards and more informal Tripos staff-student committees.

Your Reps are there to support you with academic issues within your course or faculty. They’re in  a powerful position to make your opinions heard.

Becoming a Faculty Rep yourself will give you a great opportunity to get involved in the organisation of your course, and to engage with decision-making in the university; you'll be able to make a real difference.

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