CUSU Policy

CUSU's policy is set by CUSU Council, or in exceptional circumstances, by a referendum of the student body. The link below details all current policies the Executive are tasked with implementing.


You can consult this Annotated Policy Document 2012, which notes the status of current motions submitted by CU students. Please keep checking this page regularly as it will be updated as policy progresses.


How does Policy work?

Policy sets out the principles by which CUSU conducts itself and its campaigns, and mandates the Executive to carry out specific actions. The sabbatical and part-time officers are bound by policy, and held to account for its delivery by CUSU Council.

Once policy is passed, it is valid for three years unless it is renewed.

Creating Policy

The usual route is by a vote of CUSU Council on policies proposed by students at regular meetings. If you would like any help putting together a motion to create policy, visit the Submit a Motion page or contact a member of the Union and Development Team who can provide impartial help.


Internal Policy (i.e. organisational policies)

CUSU also has internal policies, which are contained within the Employee Handbook. Internal policies exist to define standards and procedures that are generally non-political; they primarily represent an employment framework, much of which is statutory or best practice, or deemed appropriate to employment within the students' union environment. Included within this document are CUSU's policies on Equality & Diversity, Recruitment, Data Protection, and the Staff-Student Protocol, which governs the relationship between employed staff and members of the students' union. Further to the handbook, CUSU has a separate Safeguarding Policy and finance policies.



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