Welfare & Rights


Amatey Doku, CUSU President

The Welfare and Rights team is led by the CUSU Welfare and Rights Officer. The 2017/18 Welfare and Rights Officer is Micha Frazer Carroll.

The Welfare and Rights Team is responsible for CUSU's actions relating to students' mental, physical and social wellbeing, the rights and protections afforded to students.

How can you be a part of the team?

There are x2 Campaigns Officer positions up for election in the Welfare and Rights Team. Click here to see the manifesto's from last year.

What is the Welfare and Rights Team responsible for?

The Team is responsible for:

  • Investigating practices in the colleges, faculties and departments of the University which impact student wellbeing, and identifying issues of concern
  • Monitoring and reporting on the quality and consistency of pastoral support offered throughout the Collegiate University
  • Supporting the Autonomous Campaigns and Representative Officers in identifying areas of concern regarding the rights of minority or marginalised groups within the student body
  • Overseeing CUSU's provision of individual support, including the Student Advice Service
  • Providing sexual health resources and information to the student body
  • Providing support, training and resources for the Officers of affiliated Common Rooms whose roles relate to student welfare and support

The Head of Team is the CUSU/GU Welfare and Rights Officer (Sophie Buck). As a part of this role, she:

  • Oversees and is responsible for the Students' Unions' Advice Service
  • Provides regular opportunities for the officers of affiliated Common Rooms to receive training on matters relating to student welfare, wellbeing and support
  • Supports the representational work of Common Rooms regarding issues of student wellbeing by offering support and guidance in the planning of campaigns and projects relating to welfare
  • Maintains networks to support collaboration between academic representatives including, but not limited to, the Student Support Officers Network

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