Union Development Team


Amatey Doku, CUSU President

The Union Development team is led by the CUSU President. The 2017/18 President is Daisy Eyre.

The UD Team ensures the Union's long-term development and oversees democratic processes, constitutional structures, engagement with members and affiliated common rooms, and external affiliations.

How can you be a part of the team?

There are x2 Campaigns Officer positions up for election in the Union Development team. Click here to see the manifesto's from last year.

What is the Union Development Team responsible for?

The Team is responsible for:

  • Devising and implementing initiatives to improve engagement, by ordinary members and Common Rooms, with CUSU, its services, and democratic structures
  • Identifying new CUSU services which may be offered to individual members or affiliated Common Rooms
  • Proposing appropriate revisions of the Union's constitutional documents to CUSU Council
  • Campaigning for improved resources and facilities for the Union which may help it to better meet the needs of its students
  • Auditing the Union's effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency
  • Overseeing the Union's external affiliations and identifying changes which might be made to them

The Head of the Union Development Team is the CUSU President (Daisy Eyre). As a part of this role, he:

  • Shall bring concerns about the Constitutionality and Rules-conformity of existing CUSU Policy to the Union Development Team
  • Shall support the representational work of individual affiliated Common Rooms by offering support and guidance in the planning of campaigns and projects
  • Shall maintain networks to support collaboration between affiliated Common Rooms (including, but not limited to, the Presidents' and Externals' Network).

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