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Student Parents Officer

The Student Parents Representative shall be a student with the responsabilities of parent or guardian of a child, and shall represent the interests of those raising children during their studies.

Representative Officers shall be Executive Officer elected to represent to CUSU interests of certain minority groups within the student body of which they are members. They shall be designated as constituent representatives for the purposes of Council membership.

  1. Representatives will be chosen by a general ballot of all Ordinary Members of the CUSU at the annual Michaelmas elections
  2. Representatives may co-opt appropriate volunteers to support them in their work, but these shall have no position within the Executive and shall not have voting rights at Council

Representative Officers shall be responsible for:

  1. Seeking views and opinions from students within their constituency and representing these to the CUSU Executive, Council and the wider University community
  2. Attending CUSU Council
  3. Where appropriate, arranging for campaigns, services or events which meet the needs of their constituency
  4. Ensuring such activities are conducted with sufficient mandate from CUSU Policy and that no activities contravene CUSU Policy
  5. Attending and participating in team and Full-Exec meetings
  6. From time to time contributing to certain other CUSU and Team activities

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