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Oliva, Access and Funding Officer

The Access and Funding team is led by the CUSU Access and Funding Officer. The 2017/18 Access and funding is Olivia Hylton-Pennant.

The Access & Funding Team is collectively responsible for CUSU actions relating to promoting equal opportunity for access to Cambridge and its affiliated institutions for all applicants, encouraging access to the University for applicants from backgrounds underrepresented in the institution, the costs incurred by students as a result of their studies, and the provision of funds and resources to meet these costs and other financial hardships.

How can you be a part of the team?

There are x2 Campaigns Officer positions up for election in the Access and Funding team. Click here to see the manifesto's from last year.

What is the Access and Funding Team responsible for?

The Team is responsible for:

  • Organising campaigns and projects which aim to break down misconceptions about the University which might otherwise discourage prospective applicants from widening participation backgrounds from applying
  • Providing prospective applicants with opportunities to hear from and ask questions of current students within the University
  • Reviewing entrance requirements and assessments used by the University and Colleges, along with other admissions policy active within the Collegiate University, to identify practices which might unfairly disadvantage capable candidates
  • Researching and briefing students on developments in national Higher Education policy which would affect student fees and funding, or present barriers tof air access for prospective applicants
  • Campaigning against cuts to bursaries and other sources of financial support for students which result in students experiencing financial hardship or being unable to study at the institution
  • Providing support, training and resources for college Access Officers and Access volunteers wishing to engage with Access initiatives.

The Head of Team is the CUSU Access Officer (Éireann Attridge). As part of this role, she:

  • Oversees the CUSU Shadowing Scheme
  • Ensures that a student-led Alternative Prospectus is made available to prospective students with up-to-date and accurate information
  • Arranges for training and resources to be made available to student volunteers wishing to engage in access activities
  • Supports the representational work of affiliated Common Rooms by offering support and guidance in the planning of campaigns and projects relating to access and funding
  • Maintains networks to support collaboration between academic representatives including, but not limited to, the Access Forum

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