What happens at NUS Conference?

You can vote for your NUS Delegates now at vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk!

NUS is the National Union of Students of which over 600 students’ unions across the UK are affiliated members. The NUS National Conference occurs in March/April every year and the CUSU sends an elected group of 5 students, plus the SU President, to represent the 21,000 students here.
The conference discusses 5 topics related to students’ experiences at colleges and universities: Further Education policy, Higher Education policy, Society and Citizenship policy, Welfare policy, and Union Development policy. It is the chance for students’ unions to shape national policy and hold to account the national officers heading up each of these policy zones and the national president. Elections for these positions also happen at the conference and the above delegates will be a voting members.
This year the conference is Tuesday 27th – Thursday 29th March 2018 in Glasgow. CUSU will organise group transport from Cambridge.

Who Goes to NUS Conference from Cambridge?

The current President of CUSU has a guaranteed place at conference. There are also 5 open places available for any student to run for! To run to come along to the NUS Conference you should fill in a nominations form and submit a manifesto according to the rules in the nominations pack. Your manifesto should indicate to voters why you want to attend conference, what sort of political lines you will be voting on, and any particular issues you are passionate about that will be raised there.

NUS ‘Fair Representation on NUS Conference' Policy

‘Fair Representation on NUS Conference delegations’ is a policy that was passed at National Conference 2014, changing NUS’ rules on the make-up of delegations to National Conference. The motion means that all delegations will have to have at least 50% self defining women on them (rounded down). As the current CUSU President identifies as a woman, this means that at least 2 of the elected NUS delegates for this year will be women. For this reason it is essential that you put your self-defined gender in your nomination email. Emails that do not have gender on them will not be accepted.

More information about fair representation can be found here.


Your NUS Delegates

These are the six representatives who will attend NUS National Conference in April and vote on policy on behalf of Cambridge University Students. 

  • Daisy Eyre (CUSU President) - president@cusu.cam.ac.uk
  • 1 This could be you!
  • 2 This could be you!
  • 3 This could be you!
  • 4 This could be you!
  • 5 This could be you!

You can vote for your NUS Delegates now at vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk!


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