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We work with international groups and attend each meeting of the UN Human Rights Council to lobby for the rights of Sahrawis.


The Moroccan occupied territories of Western Sahara are known as the 'last colony of Africa'. Following the conflict from 1975 to 1991 between Moroccan armed forces and 'Polisario', numerous UN resolutions have been passed to support the right to self-determination of Sahrawi people. Morocco's refusal to engage in a meaningful process has resulted in widespread international condemnation and not a single state recognising any right to occupy Western Sahara. An air of secrecy surrounds Western Sahara with the Moroccan government placing strict limitations on journalists and reporting from the area, political prisoners are routinely maltreated and many have died in custody.  


Please join with us to help raise awareness of these frequent human rights violations that Sahrawi people are forced to endure and to end this continuation of colonisation. 





Registered Charity Number: 288365