180 Degrees Consulting - University of Cambridge Branch

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180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest non-profit student-driven
consultancy. Our mission is to strengthen the ability of socially conscious
organisations to achieve high impact social outcomes through the
development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.

At 180 Degrees Consulting our selected university students are introduced
to recognised consulting methodologies. Our student consultants from there
consult for non-profit organisations using knowledge gained throughout the
program and knowledge gained at university. Their efforts support the
operations of non-profit organisations on many different levels. Our
consultants gain real life consulting experience whilst studying at

Teams of university students completing studies in relevant fields work
throughout the year with worthwhile organisations to identify and overcome
specific challenges they are facing. This process is mutually beneficial.
Organisations are assisted in the development of innovative, sustainable
and practical solutions. At the same time, students are able to contribute
to their communities, apply their university studies in a practical
environment, and develop valuable life skills.


Registered Charity Number: 288365