Student-Led Teaching Awards 2017

We received nearly 600 nominations for this year's Student-Led Teaching Awards. After being considered by a student judging panel, the winners were honoured at a ceremony in the University Combination Room on May 9th, with shortlisted staff and the students who nominated them present. 

Congratulations to the 2017 winners and everyone on the shortlist

 Undergraduate supervisor (arts and humanities)  

Winner: Hugo Azerad

Commendations: John Filling, Lottie Hoare

Shortlisted: Gabriel Glickman, Louise Joy, Glen Rangwala, Damian Valdez, Joanna Depledge

Undergrad supervisor (science and technology) 

Winner: Riva Riley

Commendations: Niko Amin-Wetzel, Neeltje Boogert, Robert Dillon

Shortlisted: William Miller, Jamie Gundry, Clément Mouhot, Emma Cahill

Postgrad supervisor 

Winner: Geoffrey Edwards

Commendations: Napoleon Katsos, David Lane

Shortlisted: Chris Wallace, Mwenza Blell, Seth Archer


Winners: Gay Meeks, Maarten de Ridder

Commendation: Christopher Lester

Shortlisted: Michel Haddad, Phil Gardner, David Feldman, David Parker, Elizabeth De Marrais, Richard Sidebottom, Max Pettini, Neil Wright

 Pastoral support 

Winners: Rachel Iftikhar, Stuart Eves

Commendations: Murray Edwards porters, John Turton

Shortlisted: Colin Maxted, Emmanuel Porters, Hero Chalmers, Derek Scott, Delphine Mordey

 Innovative Teaching 

Winner: Alexey Morgunov

Commendations: Susan Larsen, Georgina Horrell

Shortlisted: Holly Krieger, Ben Chappell

 Inclusive Teaching 

Winner: Ben Hinson

Commendations: Yael Navaro, Sasha Turchyn, Georgina EvansDavid Tual

Shortlisted: Emma Wilson, Jude Browne, Helen Thaventhiran

 Supporting Students 

Winners: Martin Crowley, Priya Gopal

Commendations: Mónica Moreno Figueroa, Stacey McDowell

Shortlisted: Christopher Burlinson, Julia Davies, Tim Kung, Matthew Neal, Maryon McDonald, Paula Block, Jo-Anne Dillabough


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