Society Venues

Societies can often find if difficult to find venues within Cambridge University, particularly as colleges are often very territorial! Most colleges

  • will only book rooms to college members
  • have multiple booking rates depending on who is asking
  • require you to get special permission to serve food and drink in their rooms

Sports societies face similar problems when in comes to using playing fields or specialised courts. In many cases Kelsey Kerridge can be a useful venue:

Kelsey Kerridge
Queen Anne Terrace
Gonville Place
Tel: 01223 462226

Information on sports grounds and facilities is available from the CU Sport website.


List of college rooms

The following is a fairly up-to-date complete list of bookable, disabled accessible venues available in colleges. Please let us know if you believe any information here is incorrect.


College Room Capacity Permanent?
Caius Green Parlour 25 Yes
  Auditorium Caius Ct 98 No
  Harvey Court JCR 90 Yes
  Harvey Ct B/fast Rm 90 Yes
Christ's Z17 Supervision Room 15-20 Yes
  Z19 Supervision Room 15-20 Yes
  Lloyd Rm ( step) 60-70 Yes
  New Court: Theatre 180 max Yes
  JCR 50 Yes
  TV Room 50 Yes
Churchill Bevin Room 40 Yes
  Seminar Room 20 Yes
  Exhibition Hall 70 Yes
  Small Combination Room 35 Yes
  Wolfson Hall 236 Yes
  Study Centre (4 rooms) 2x40, 1x60, 1x80 Yes
Clare Godwin Rm, D Staircase 12 Yes
  Latimer Rm, E Staircase 100 No
Clare Hall None
Corpus Christi Several
Darwin Common Room
  Old Library
Downing Howard Building 150 Yes
  Wilkins Room 25/30 No
  West Lodge 25/40 No
Emmanuel Upper Hall 100 Yes
  Robert Gardner Room 45 Yes
  Harrods Rm, Queens Bldg 70 Yes
  Old Library 120 Yes
  Lecture Theatre, Queens Bldg 125/150 Yes
Fitzwilliam Not available
Girton Old Hall 200 Yes
  Stanley Library 100 Yes
  Reception Room 15 Yes
  Conference Rooms 40 Yes
  Main Dining Hall 280 Yes
  Chapel Box Room 30 Yes
Homerton Not available  
Hughes Hall Pavillion Room  
  Seminar Room A & B  
Jesus QC Library Seminar Room 50 Yes
  QC Library - Creswic Room 20 Yes
Kings Chetwynd 60 Yes
  Keynes Hall 116 Yes
  Dining Hall 300 Yes
  Wine Room 24 Yes
  Saltmarsh Suite 10,18,24 Yes
  Library Seminar Room 10 Yes
  Research Centre Seminar Room 40 Yes
Lucy Cavendish Denis Rooke Room 70 Yes
  Wolfson Seminar Room 16 Yes
  Warburton Hall, Reception 150 Yes
  Warburton Hall, Dining 150 Yes
Magdalene Hall 110 No
  Ramsay Hall 100 No
  Benson Hall 75 No
  Buckingham Room 50 No
  Parlour 25-40 No
New Hall Long Room 200 Yes
  Vivien Stewart Room 150 Yes
  Ante Room 10 Yes
  Council Room 40 Yes
  Froud Room 25 Yes
  Graduate Dining Room 12 Yes
  Bar 30 Yes
Newnham Barbara White Room  
  Sidwick Dining Room
  College Hall
  Jane Harrison Room
Pembroke No  
Peterhouse Music Room  
Queens Angevin Room 25 Yes
  Armitage Room 66 Yes
  Fitzpatrick Hall 245 Yes
Robinson Auditorium 240 No
  Umney Theatre 120 Yes
  Auditorium Lounge 30 Yes
  Umney Lounge 40 Yes
  Linnett Room 40 Yes
St. Catherine's No  
St. Edmunds Okinaga Room  
  Small Dining Room  
St John's Fisher Building Complex
Selwyn Chadwick Room
Trinity Winstanley Lecture Hall 150 Yes
  Butler House Party Room 45 Yes
  Adrian House Seminar Room 80 Yes
Trinity Hall B1 25 Yes
  Lecture Theatre (not so easy) 50 Yes
Wolfson Lee Hall 200 Yes
  Seminar Room 60 Yes


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