How to use the site

Welcome to the new CUSU website! Our new and improved societies’ directory gives you lots of opportunities to better manage your society.

You are now able to:

  • Set up memberships of different types (e.g. Termly, Annual etc)
  • Sell membership and effectively track members
  • Sell event tickets securely online 

Please note - We have only migrated across societies that were active in our last directory as of July 2014. Make sure to check the new directory; if your society is not listed, fill in this form to get your society added.

Before you start

Before you can do anything, you must have registered with the new site. Click here to sign up or login if you've already registered.

Setting up payments

If your society or group would like to use this site to take payments for membership and/or events tickets you will need to fill out this form, provide your payment details and accept our terms and conditions. Please click here for more information on how to set up epayments.

Setting up your society

1. Find your society

First, check that your group is listed on the new CUSU Clubs & Societies directory.

If it has, move onto step 2.

If it hasn't, fill in this form to get your society added.

2. Activate by requesting to be an admin

To register a person to be the main administrator/manager for the group you will
need to fill out this form. Once this request has been actioned you will receive a
confirmation email from a member of CUSU staff.

3. Setting up memberships

Get people signed up to your society by setting up memberships. Only once a membership has been created can anyone join your group. A large 'Join this group' button will appear on your main page to indicate that this has been done successfully. 

If you would like to add more administrators to your group ensure that they first join your group, then follow these instructions. Alternatively, they can fill out the form in step 2.

Please note - If you are taking payments on the site, the 'Join this group' button will not appear until the epayment request has been accepted.

4. Edit your society page

Now it's time to get stuck in! Get editing your page by checking out these instructions.

5. Creating events

Create events and event tickets by following these instructions.

Manage your events by following these instructions.


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