Christ's College Welfare Grid

Of respondents to the CUSU Big Cambridge Survey 2015, 92.74% of the 79 students who said that they had accessed support from their tutors reported that it was excellent. Students at Christ’s College can easily access policies on harassment however there is currently no Fitness to Study policy although there will be one online within the next few months. They can easily find the Students’ Union Advice Service website from their College website and they have access to a College Nurse, who provides mental health support alongside a counsellor and a clinical psychiatrist and students can have extremely rapid access to these professionals. Student-facing staff can access training in Mental Health Awareness and Equality & Diversity should they wish and College Porters do not receive unconscious bias training.

Students who do not receive government grants can still get financial support from the college.

If students wish to intermit, their tutor and Director of Studies will support them if they need to retake exams or do academic work to re-enter university


Registered Charity Number: 288365