Update the CUSU Alternative Prospectus

The CUSU Alternative Prospectus website (www.applytocambridge.com) is an online undergraduate prospectus written by students to offer our insight into being at Cambridge – it aims to break down misconceptions about studying at Cambridge and answer the many questions prospective applicants long to ask current students.

This year it’s getting completely redeveloped to be more interactive, alive and abundant with student experiences, with the aim of re-launching it in mid-March (2016). We’re looking for student volunteers to write content!

There are pages for each course and College, as well as sections about student life, the student community and applying. Interested? This is a low commitment and very fun way of helping prospective applicants see Cambridge in a new light. You’ve got insight to give and even writing a sentence for the site will help us hugely! Please check out the volunteer opportunities below.


Diversity webpages

It’s really important that current students are represented in all their diversity and that prospective applicants know there’s a place for them at Cambridge. We’re looking for volunteers from liberation and minority groups to help produce content for a set of ‘Diversity’ webpages (listed in title). This can range from what you wish you knew before applying to publicising the societies and events relevant to your autonomous campaign student community. Find out more and volunteer by clicking here.


Student Life and Applying webpages 

There’s so much to tell prospective applicants about Cambridge! We also want to provide students’ insight into applying and life here more generally – this will be done through ‘Student Life’ and ‘Applying’ sections of the website. You can help by writing anything from a paragraph on drama societies to a sentence on choosing a College – check out the list of topics and volunteer by clicking here.


College and Course webpages

College and Course webpages are going to be filled with student testimonies, pictures and updates. Each College and course webpage will have a team of 2-3 students behind it, helping compile the initial content for the website launch and update and refresh it throughout the academic year. Find out more and volunteer by clicking here.


Registered Charity Number: 288365