As there were no nominations for GU President, a by-election will be held later in the year.
For more information please contact the Elections Committee.

The Graduate Union President has two major responsibilities:

  • To be the chief representative of graduate students at the University, and as such to participate in the work of almost all University and intercollegiate committees with student representation; and
  • To be the  nominal head, chair of trustees and principal financial officer of the GU as a charitable organisation independent of both the University and CUSU.

The GU President works closely with and is supported by the the Vice-President (another sabbatical officer) and the GU’s manager (a full-time staff role). The CUSU/GU Welfare and Rights Officer is also a member of the GU’s officer team.

Because the GU is such a small organisation, the day-to-day activities of the GU President are enormously diverse, ranging from high-level strategic University business to basic things like ensuring the quality of the GU’s range of student services. The President is simultaneously required both manage the affairs of the GU from an organisation-level perspective, and also to get involved with the grunt work when required. For this reason, it is a demanding yet richly rewarding position.

The GU Trustee is, ex officio, a member of the University’s Council (and a University trustee) and General Board of the Faculties.


Current GU President Chad Allen

More information on the GU is available at

If you would like to find out more about the role, you can email Chad, the current GU president at


Registered Charity Number: 288365