As there were no nominations for Ethical Affairs Officer, a by-election will be held later in the year. 
For more information please contact the Elections Committee.

The Ethical Affairs Team is the part of the Students' Union which campaigns on social and environmental sustainability. It aims to promote awareness of environmental and ethical issues among the students, coordinate, represent, and empower them to act. They are collectively responsible for CUSU actions pertaining to the relationship between the student body and the larger community, the impact of University, collegiate, student, and Union activities on the environment and/or broader society, the interaction between social issues and student life, and student engagement with local and national democracy.

There are two Ethical Affairs Officers who together lead the Ethical Affairs Team.
The Team is responsible for:

  • Campaigning for a reduction of environmental impact by students, the Union, and the wider University
  • Promoting the socially responsible use of students' financial resources, whether directly through students' purchasing power, or indirectly through the procurement and investment activities of the Union, the University and the Colleges
  • Campaigning for the University and Colleges to pay the Living Wage for all staff
  • Supporting the civic and democratic engagement of the student body through voter registration and awareness efforts in the run up to local and national elections
  • Developing and promote volunteering and charitable activities for students in the local community
  • Supporting the work of the Green and Ethical Officers of the affiliated Common Rooms

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Registered Charity Number: 288365