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Arguments proposed in favour of approving the proposed changes to the CUSU Constitution and Standing Orders.

  • The Constitution and Standing Orders are in need of modernisation. The current documents are not in keeping with the Charity Commission's expectations of best practice.
  • The proposed changes to the governing documents bring the documents in line with legal requirements and best practice, according to the advice of CUSU's lawyers.
  • All substantive changes to CUSU's operation are the product of an extensive consultation process with the members of CUSU Council. No changes have been proposed which are in opposition to the feedback received from student representatives.
  • The proposed changes to the Constitution and Standing Orders will allow CUSU members greater flexibility in changing how CUSU runs in future, and make it easier to keep the documents up-to-date.
  • Maintaining the status quo, representing a haphazardly amended version of a Constitution first adopted in 1983, is not an option. Both the University and the Charity Commission expect CUSU to keep its governing documents updated and coherent.
  • The key provisions governing how CUSU operates have been moved from the Constitution to the Standing Orders. Therefore, any future objections to the substantive changes in the proposed new documents can be addressed by future amendments at Council.
  • The University have thoroughly consulted throughout the Constitutional review process, and CUSU anticipate that they will approve the proposed documents if approved by the referendum.
  • The Charity Commission have approved the proposed changes, pending a clarification of the wording of Clause 3.


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