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Arguments proposed against approving the proposed changes to the CUSU Constitution and Standing Orders.

  • The proposed amendments to the Constitution and Standing Orders have not yet been approved by the University. There is therefore a chance that the University will reject the changes and render the referendum result moot.
  • The Charity Commission's feedback on the Constitution was unclear, forcing a vote to approve a version of the Constitution with two parallel wordings of Clause 3. It would be more appropriate to wait until the Charity Commission have clarified their feedback before approving the documents.
  • The proposed amendments collect together both:
    • a number of uncontroversial changes designed to update the governing documents to reflect current practice and legal requirements, and
    • a number of substantive alterations to current practice.
  • It would have been better to keep this proposal to uncontroversial changes, and treat the substantive changes separately.
  • Significant changes to current practice include: reducing the quorum burden for ordinary referendums, the introduction of "Balanced Motions", removing J/MCR's right to change their vote at Council following the meeting, increasing the Council voting power of grad-only Colleges to the same as other Colleges, removing the Council vote of Faculty Reps, giving a Council vote to CUSU officers and NUS delegates, restructuring the Elections Committee, renaming Autonomous Campaigns to Liberation Campaigns, and introducing a Code of Conduct through which CUSU could discipline its members.
  • Many of the above substantial changes could be seen as controversial, and ought to be debated and voted on separately from the need to update the governing documents to modern standards. By proposing them together as one package, students are unable to consent to the necessary amendments without also approving the changes to current practice.


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