Boycott the NSS

Why did we boycott the National Student Survey?

The National Student Survey is sent out to all final year undergraduates at UK universities. Last year, the NSS was actively linked to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) which was intended to be linked to fees. Universities that were rated highly on the NSS would be allowed to charge higher fees for future students. The University voluntarily signed up to TEF, despite vocal protest from students and staff, and against CUSU’s advice, in order to increase revenue from students. 

Last year CUSU Council voted to join 25 other Students Unions including Oxford, Bristol, LSE, UCL and Manchester in boycotting the NSS in an attempt to halt the government's agenda of marketisation. The boycott was successful with less than 50% of students completing the survey, meaning that the results were made invalid. The government were recently forced to halt the rising of fees to above £9,250, largely due to student pressure and actions such as the boycott. 

Due to recent changes in the relationship between the NSS and TEF it is unclear how widely NSS boycotts will be run this year. Keep up with CUSU Council and your Education Officer Martha Krish to find out more!  


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