CUSU is run by six full-time elected sabbatical officers,
supported by a team of staff.





    Women's Officer


    Welfare and Rights Officer


    Access and Funding Officer


    Disabled Students' Officer


    Education Officer



Is CUSU part of Cambridge University?

CUSU is not part of the University. We are independent, but work in partnership with the University to make sure that student views are represented.

Is CUSU a charity?

Yes. We receive a small amount of funding from the University, but this means we have to work hard to generate income to fund our charitable and member activities. All money CUSU raises goes straight back into the students' union's operations and activities. As part of our financial process, our budgets and accounts are made public.

How do I become a member of CUSU?

If you are an undergraduate, or a postgraduate of the University of Cambridge, you are automatically a member!

My College is disaffiliated from CUSU. What does this mean?

If your College has disaffiliated, this means they are not able to access all of the services we offer. This does not affect you as an individual, you are still a member of CUSU and are able to access all of our services.

Where can I find CUSU?

You can find us in 17 Mill Lane, or you can contact us via telephone or email. We are open as follows:  Monday - Friday - 9 am - 5.30 pm 


Registered Charity Number: 288365