Green Impact

CUSU takes its responsibilities within the environment very seriously. As a result, we actively partake in the NUS' Green Impact scheme. This means that we are always striving to improve the processes we employ, as well as encouraging the Cambridge students to do the same. A few examples of our current protocols include:

  • Exclusively printing upon recycled paper from sustainable sources
  • Recycling all waste wherever possible
  • Encouraging all staff and students to turn off lights and power sources whenever possible
  • Promoting the use of public transport, cycling and car sharing to external visitors
  • Stocking recycled products within our retail selection (more coming soon!)


As a mark of our willingness and efforts, we have been awarded a Gold award for the Green Impact scheme for the past four years. We are aiming to continue this tradition, as well as improving our standing from this year onwards.



Looking to make a difference? The NUS' Snap it Off! campaign will help you to do so! Simply snap a photo of any lights left on in public spaces and the NUS will aim to sort it out. Upload your images to their website or send via mobile to 07725 20 20 20.



There is also the NUS Student Switch Off campaign:

Student Switch Off is an intercollegiate energy-saving campaign. The campaign runs a series of mini-competitions over the academic year and the college that gets the most student engagement wins money for their end of year event, a trophy and loads of environmental kudos! Check out the website to find out more information.


Registered Charity Number: 288365