Sanitary Products



Cost-price sanitary products are available to purchase from the CUSU reception space. Simply come along to CUSU (17 Mill Lane) any time between 9 am and 6.30 pm on a weekday. The products we offer are as follows:


Product Price
Always Dailies Pantyliner (20 pack) 85p
Always Ultra Night Towels with wings (10 pack) £1.90
Always Ultra Normal Towels with wings (14 pack)  £1.90
Always Ultra Normal Towels without wings (16 pack)    £1.90
Lil-Lets Smartfit Tampons Regular (10 pack) 90p
Lil-Lets Smartfit Tampons Super (10 pack) 90p
Tampax Compak Tampons Regular (8 pack) 85p
Tampax Compak Tampons Super (8 pack) 85p



If you have any feedback, be it about the products we sell or the service as a whole, please do get in touch with us! Email


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