Sophie Buck

Welfare & Rights Officer


What and where did you study?

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Emmanuel College.

Why did you run for CUSU office?

I feel like my impact as a college welfare officer was limited by time and a lack of relative power to change things. Therefore, I wanted the space and time to put what I’d learned through my academic, extra-curricular and personal experience into practice.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you first arrived?

If you're struggling you can ask for help and even delay an essay now and again if you need to. You're only human after all.

What’s your favourite place in Cambridge?

It would be Kettle’s Yard (such organisational perfection!) but that’s closed for redevelopment, so Hot Numbers (Gwydir St), which has the best vibe in Cambridge. It’s all about the vibes.

What’s your top priority this year?

I have many plans but my top priority is expanding the reach of CUSU with regards welfare.  I aim to do this by, among other things, making resources more easily available online and running university-wide welfare-related events including a Welfare Forum.

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Election Results

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Registered Charity Number: 288365