Welcome to the 'Welfare' section on the CUSU website!


This section contains the following:

  • Mental health support options
    • See for a reminder of the college support available to you, as well as information about listening lines, local and university services, and where to find out more information.


  • Support Services
    • See for a list of all the support services available, including sexual health services and support for harassment


  • Supporting Your Friends
    • A guide on how to support friends, while looking after yourself at the same time. Covers active listening, boundaries and support services among other things.


  • Sexual Health
    • See for information on sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and potential pregnancies 


  • Welfare Bulletin
    • Keep up-to-date with welfare events, interesting articles and policy progress! 




  • Mental Health Awareness Week 2017
    • ​See for blog posts on matters relating to mental health in a Cambridge context: the effects of discrimination, supporting your friends, mental health as a disability, the important of self-care, men and mental health, and accessing support services. Written by the Welfare and Rights Officer and Disabled Students' Officer


  • Intermission
    • ​See for the Disabled Students' Officer's Guide to Intermission


See the Students' Unions Advice Service websiteUniversity's Cambridge Students website, and your College's JCR/MCR website for more welfare-related resources, advice and information.

Feel free to email the CUSU Welfare and Rights Officer (welfare@cusu.cam.ac.uk) if you have any further queries!




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