Sexual Health and Welfare

CUSU provides students with a wide range of sexual health supplies for free. You can come to our offices at 17 Mill Lane to collect yours, either in or out of term time, or talk to your Welfare Officer about the ways that you can access them in your College.

We can provide:


  • EXS Elite

  • Skyn Latex-free

  • EXS Trim

  • EXS Magnum

  • EXS Ribbed, Dotted & Flared


  • Durex Play lubricant sachets

  • Dental dam (flavoured)

  • Pregnancy Test

  • Femidom


Pregnancy tests can be requested via the Advice Service website. Each test requested will be discreetly sent to you at your college address via the CUSU-MS.

Individual students can request sexual health supplies via the following form. These supplies are discreetly sent to you at your college address via the CUSU-MS during term time. This is a service for those who simply cannot make it into the CUSU offices and should not be used to stockpile supplies. Should you require a bulk quantity of supplies, they can be purchased from the CUSU offices.


Sexual Health Information Resources:

Welfare Officer

The CUSU/GU Welfare officer can be contacted at


Students' Unions' Advice Service (SUAS)

SUAS has a Sexual Health webpage.



CUSU's Autonomous LGBT+ Campaign has put together a useful webpage on sexual health


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